A lifelong freelancer with three hundred articles and short stories published in national magazines, Phil now writes suspense novels set mostly in North Carolina. His stories have been acclaimed by international best-selling authors, reviewers, and, most importantly, by readers.
"Good, solid, fast-paced adventure fiction by a guy who knows how to write it." Stephen Coonts, NY Times bestselling author
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Pilot John Hardin and his beautiful Cherokee girlfriend, Kitty Birdsong, are enjoying life in the Great Smokies when Nolan Rader, a former BATF agent, emerges from John's dark past and demands help to save his younger brother, Clint, from the vengeance of an outlaw motorcycle gang. John must agree or face exposure about his past. He infiltrates the gang, leading him down a dangerous path between the law and the bikers. As events and time close in, can John find some way to save Clint before the execution?
Medallion Press
"A beautifully written high octane thriller."
 Ridley Pearson, NY Times bestselling author
Medallion Press
Medallion Press
Before the Cherokees were driven at bayonet point out of their Great Smokies onto the infamous Trail of Tears, they hid their gold mines.
Now, 150 years later, prospector Moses Kyle discovers one of the lost mines. And disappears.
Pilot John Hardin and beautiful Cherokee biker Kitty Birdsong hunt for Moses, but an evil backwoods clan is trying to find the gold, along with a Messianic snake-handling preacher and his flock.
When naked greed erupts into violence, John and Kitty must fight for their lives.
"Enjoyed it very much. Fast. Engaging. A fine debut." Lee Child #1 international bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series
Hot-shot pilot Sam Bass is a cowboy at heart. He's running a shoestring air charter operation on the Outer Banks islands and thinking about marrying his gorgeous girlfriend, Valerie Lightfoot, a widow with a young son who also has Sam's heart. But a powerful enemy finds out where he is, and sends a three-man hit team to finish old business, driving Sam to set out on a quest for vengeance in the ancient way of the Cherokee, with no help from the law.
All three novels in the John Hardin series are available in print or e-book form through online sellers such as